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Tandem flights - Chamonix paragliding


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  • A story of a person who dreams of flying!

    She looks up to gaze at Mont Blanc
    and sees the paragliders overhead 
    which colour the sky like butterflies…

    She thinks she is too old,
    she thinks she is too young
    to explore the air.

    Yet she really wants to feel alive...
    to feel free, to shout, to laugh, to sing!
    Like in her childhood dreams, she wants to fly like a bird!

    Tandem flights - Paragliding Chamonix

    Vols biplace - Parapente Chamonix

  • And if this person was you?

    So take a few steps, open your eyes wide
    and treat yourself to a flight with a qualified pilot
    in one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world!

    Tandem paragliding Chamonix

    Vol biplace parapente chamonix